Monday, October 3, 2016

Data Freeze Begins October 7

On September 30, we were notified that effective October 7 we will enter a “data freeze” until we Go Live with our new system in January. The “freeze” primarily refers to information that makes up something in PeopleSoft called the “course catalog.” This is not a reference to the LCC catalog, but rather to a complex set of databases that will house information about LCC courses, including course information and associated items like student fees and pre-requisites.

We received unofficial word of the freeze earlier in the week. In response, members of the LCC Executive Leadership Team signed a memorandum to help the campus community better understand this phase of the project. A copy of the memorandum is available here

While campus groups will be able to continue to meet and conduct business, the freeze will impact when certain types of changes can be implemented. It may seem inconvenient, but we are at a critical stage of this massive project—the first major system transition at LCC in over three decades. Exceptions to the freeze have to be reviewed by our functional leads and approved by the Executive Leadership Team before they can be made in the pre-Go Live environment.

Other Wave 1 colleges—including Clark and Peninsula—also implemented similar data change moratoriums this week.

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