Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thank You ctcLink Ninjas and Other ctcLink News

In case you missed the announcement in July, LCC will not be transitioning to ctcLink (PeopleSoft) in October. We are currently scheduled to Go Live on January 30, 2017. Exceptions include the Financial Aid pillar (2016-17 data will not be converted to the new system, but 2017-18 data will be entered there) and Continuing Education. Continuing Ed may continue to use their existing third party system to handle enrollments, but a final decision has not yet been made,

There are a few things happening right now that have the potential to affect our Go Live date. First, there is a third-party assessment underway that's looking at project readiness. The evaluation is being conducted by the Gartner Group and is due by October. Second, there have been some formal concerns expressed to the Washington State Attorney General by the Spokane Community College District about the effectiveness of the ctcLink product (the Spokane District went live in August 2015). 

Right now we don't know what impact either of these things will have, if any, so we will forge ahead with project preparation as planned.

Speaking of project preparation, there are 31 individuals on campus who have been working diligently to prepare us for the upcoming transition. They have been leading our configuration and conversion activities, participating in meetings and training activities, and many will be leading testing and training activities at LCC as well when the time comes.

The word "ninjas" was chosen to describe them because ninjas are both stealthy and highly capable. The following "ninjas" were recognized at our All Staff meeting on September 9th:
  1. Human Capital Management (HCM): Shani Dennick, Kat Everman, Desiree Gamble, Sam Orth, and Kendra Sprague.
  2. Finance (FIN): Mary Beth Beck, Sherry Gohn, Rita Lawless, Molly Moncrief, Claudia Slabu and Kelley West.
  3. Campus Solutions (CS):Justin Ford, Marisa Geier, Kelly Hall, Wendy Hall, Mary Harris, Betty Hayes, Brian Isbell, Yun LaPray, Kara McElroy, Micah McKee, Chad Meadors, Fran Nelson, Karla Rivers, Angie Rogers, Carmilla Rollins, Angel Ruvalcaba, Leah Sanchez, Nichole Seroshek and Julie Smith.
  4. ctcLink Project Manager (aka "Super Ninja"): Eli Hayes.
Many thanks to our ctcLink Ninjas!

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