Thursday, June 16, 2016

Q & A about Wave 1 Go Live Delay

On June 15, 2016, LCC President Chris Bailey announced that the ctcLink Go Live date for Wave 1 colleges had been postponed. This means that LCC will not be going live with the new PeopleSoft system on October 31, 2016 as previously planned.

Here's what we know so far.

Q: Why was Go Live postponed?
A: The delay was largely due to to issues related to Finance at the FirstLink Colleges (Spokane and Tacoma) which delayed things for Wave 1 colleges. It became clear that the timeline for data conversion and testing was too compressed (given the demands of year-end close) to support a successful transition.

Q: What is the new Go Live date?
A: The state project team is looking to extend the timeline for Wave 1 colleges by about three months. A new Go Live date will be selected in consultation with the colleges, and will take business processes such as registration and financial aid deadlines into account. A new Go Live date is expected to be announced in July 2016.

Q: Is LCC the only college affected?
A: No, LCC is not the only college that is being delayed. This was a system, rather than a college, decision. All of the Wave 1 colleges (LCC. Clark, Grays Harbor, Peninsula, Green River and Columbia Basin) have been postponed. It's possible that Waves 2 and 3 will also be postponed, but it may be some time before we know for sure. Changes to the Wave 2 and 3 schedules will not impact LCC.

Q: How will this affect you?
A: Unless you are a subject matter expert working on data configuration, the change shouldn't have much impact on you. It might actually be a positive thing, because the state project team will have more time to develop training. In particular, the delay will allow more time for them to develop training around business processes (in addition to how to use the new technology).

Q: How will the delay affect training?
A: Postponing the Go Live date allows us to extend the training timeline by about two months, which means more training sessions will be provided. And, as noted in the question above, it allows the state project team more time to develop training resources for our use.

Q: Will the change impact leave requests?
A: Always check with your supervisor about leave requests. In terms of the project, training will likely not start for staff until late August or slightly later. We don't expect any training to occur on scheduled Friday closures over the summer (which was previously a possibility).

Q: Will the work that's been done so far by subject matter experts still be relevant, given the delay?
A: Most of the data configuration work that's been done so far will still be relevant. We believe that only data that is specific to Fall Quarter 2016 (which mostly occurs in the Campus Solutions pillar) will need to be configured again. More information will be provided to the subject matter experts as it becomes available.

Q: How will this affect work that is being completed by the subject matter experts?
A: Ongoing work in each of the pillars is being reviewed by the project team, and they will make any needed adjustments to the timeline. Generally speaking, Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management will have an expanded timeline for configuration, testing and training. Work in Finance will be delayed until after year-end close (approximately mid-July).

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