Monday, June 6, 2016

ctcLink Project Employees Hired

The clock is ticking on our ctcLink conversion, and work continues at a brisk pace! 

Within the Campus Solutions pillar, three project-based Program Assistants have been hired to support departments with considerable workload issues related to ctcLink. The employees are Karen Boyle and Hannah Taylor (Registration), and Sarah Nichols (Financial Aid). Karen, Hannah and Sarah will perform tasks routinely covered by others who are immersed in data conversion and related issues. 

It is anticipated that at least one more project employee will be added within the next month or two to provide additional support for areas heavily impacted by the conversion.

In other ctcLink news, there are no additional CONFIRMED data configuration meetings on the calendar for the moment. The ctcLink project team out of Olympia is heavily occupied with ongoing Finance issues at the FirstLink colleges (Spokane and Tacoma) right now, and we are awaiting further instructions from them about additional meetings. 

The next data conversion (Cycle 3) is currently scheduled for June 22 (subject to change). As a Wave 1 college, we will go through a total of five data conversion cycles before we Go Live later this year. In contrast, the FirstLink colleges (Spokane and Tacoma) only went through two conversions. By the end of July, we should be fully converted and will have had multiple opportunities to correct any issues that arise along the way.

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