Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Check Out Draft Communication-Change Management Plan

If you are interested in learning more about how different aspects of communication and change management will be handled during the ctcLink transition, please check out the draft ctcLink Communication Plan posted on the LCC website.  the plan is accessible through our main ctcLink webpage; see "ctcLink Communication Plan" on the navigation list on the left.

The plan, which was reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team on June 8, provides an overview of the primary audiences for the project--students, faculty/staff, community and media--and primary channels of communication and training (if applicable) for each.

Because we want to use the communications plan to assist with change management as well, expected outcomes are also included. For example, it is expected that within two weeks of Go Live, students will be able to perform basic functions like accessing their EMPLID. Why two weeks? Because registration for winter quarter will be starting not long after Go Live, and we want to make sure students are prepared.

In the faculty/staff section, one of the expected outcomes is that faculty will be able to post grades within four weeks of Go Live. Why four weeks? Because that puts us just ahead of finals for fall quarter, and entering grades will be an important task faculty will need to accomplish in that time-frame.

We will continue to update and adjust the plan as needed throughout the project period.

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