Monday, June 6, 2016

Announcing ctcLink Reference Center

The ctcLink Reference Center is a handy, quick-reference tool you will want to be familiar with. There is something for everyone on this site!

The site contains instructions, for example, about how to use ctcLink's Self Service functions. From the main ctcLink Reference Center page, scroll down to see the Self Service options. Under "Employee Self Service," for example, you can manage your personal information and voluntary deductions, and request an absence or overtime (among other things).

Under "Faculty Self Service" you will find faculty-specific information including how to manage your advisees, look up your schedule, enter grades, use early alert, etc. Be sure to check out the "Faculty Center Video" for a quick but thorough overview of what you will be able to do in PeopleSoft.

There is also information about how to perform specific functions such as looking up student email addresses. In PeopleSoft, student information lives in Campus Solutions, or CS for short. To find out how to locate student biographical information, select "CS Fundamentals" from the main ctcLink Reference Center page. From there, select "Campus Solutions - Basic Navigation." You will find step-by-step instructions on how to access student email addresses along with other information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.

If you are a content expert responsible for inputting data into PeopleSoft, you will also find specific instructions on this site.

Be sure to bookmark the ctcLink Reference Center page for future use. You can also find the link on our ctcLink page, located at under "ctcLink Reference Center."

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