Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspiring Success Story: Angela Niday

“I am so blessed and amazed." ~ Angela Niday, LCC Nursing Graduate (June, 2011)

2011 Nursing grad Angela Niday loves
her job at the Family Health Center.
Angela Niday graduated from LCC’s Nursing Program in June, 2011. Today, she is a family planning nurse at the Family Health Center in Longview.

“I wake up every morning, thinking how blessed I am. This job gives me everything I need.”

The 8 to 5 weekday job not only allows her to support her children, but works with their school schedule.

Easy? No, she says. “I just got really lucky.”

While a student at LCC, she had a work-study job in the LCC Administration Building. The flexible work hours enabled the single mother, who doesn’t receive financial support or have family babysitting backup, to do what she needed to do while her children were in school. She made enough money to get by, with help from other services—such as WIC and CAP, and three LCC scholarships, the Lisa Jo Clark Memorial Scholarship, Ethel Kirkpatrick Scholarship, and Sister Francina Dodd Scholarship.

However, she hit the nursing job market with no work history in the healthcare field, except her clinicals and preceptorship (internship) at St. John Medical Center.

Continuing to work part-time at LCC after graduation, Angela applied for nursing jobs, “blind application after blind application,” and worried that she wouldn’t be able to land the good job she needed to support her children.

Angela had chosen nursing because she wanted to help people; to advocate for them. “It’s the direct patient relationship that draws me.” That’s what got her the job at Family Health Center. “I didn’t have the two years of experience they wanted, but they felt I had the heart to do this job. We deal with young girls, sometimes people with mental illness, living in poverty, uninsured,” she said.

“I know what people are dealing with…I have experience dealing with the services people need. Some of the local agency people really changed my life,” she says, recalling a very caring woman who helped her with Women Infants and Children (WIC) assistance.

“There are people who just need to be reminded that someone cares about them. I see a lot of potential in people. I want to be that someone who cares about them.”

The clinic managers are teaching her what she needs to know: things like insurance verification and computerized records. She works under a provider, with set parameters. She can prescribe limited medications for specific situations, and helps her patients find other help they may need.

Angela has been admitted to WSU-Vancouver to earn her bachelor of science in nursing, and awarded the $10,000 Anna & Dwight Schwab Memorial scholarship. While she doesn’t need a BSN for this job, it will help her continue to learn and grow.

She looks around her small office, face full of joy. “I am so blessed and amazed.”

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